A visit to the Kathaluwa Mahawalawwa means intertwining your lives, emotions and stories with the memories and experiences that have occupied these famed walls for nearly 400 years of rich Sri Lankan history.

Stepping foot inside the Mahawalawwa prompts getting captured in the first instances of a time bubble, wrapped in the elegance of a time long since forgotten but often fantasized about in modern literature. This time bubble encapsulates a simple yet elegant lifestyle, one which promotes a blend of decadence and luxury with minimalism and simplicity.

A STAY at Kathaluwa means getting lost in the nature surrounding the property and experiencing unhindered serenity where you can truly get lost in the concept of being taken back in time.


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The Mahawalawwa is a picturesque location where our guests are able to take a step away from the stresses that accompany a bustling city life. The staff of the property prides themselves in living up to the high standards associated with the concept of true Sri Lankan hospitality. With a signature touch of that very hospitality, we ensure that the attentive focus and bright smiles which are always associated with our smiling island is never a miss at the Kathaluwa Mahawalawwa.

STAY has gone to great lengths to ensure that the modern amenities utilized by the property are mere enhancements to the overall experience that a STAY at Kathaluwa entails, and that they do not take away from the location’s inherent authenticity Read more..



Four Spacious and homely rooms offer an always-available relaxing getaway from a joyfully tiring day at the Kathaluwa Mahawalawwa. The feel of your STAY in these rooms may be adjusted to your specific liking as all rooms in the Mahawalawwa are equipped with fully functioning air-conditioning facilities. Along with this, modern amenities including a Smart TV, Minibar, Tea/Coffee making stations and property-wide free Wi-Fi facilities are available to ensure that your experience at the Mahawalawwa is both exciting, convenient, and an escape from the hectic stresses of day-to-day life.

A charming, secluded swimming pool is available at all times for anyone who chooses to STAY at the Kathaluwa Mahawalawwa. Our guests can choose to utilize these facilities for a refreshing swim or as a way of cooling off from the tires of the day.

Modern technology-centered electronic facilities surrounded by quintessentially Sri Lankan authenticity ensures that every second of your STAY at Kathaluwa is a blend of modern excitement and luxurious colonial grandeur.



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